Download Windows Frpfile RAMDISK iOS 16 Passcode Bypass, Disable

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Bypass passcode, disable iOS 16 no jailbreak work calls, data, iCloud services, notifications. Bypass untethered hello screen, baseband problem iOS 15.7 (no signal, no notification, no facetime) no jailbreak, can login iCloud.

iBypasser V2.6

Download iCloud Tool V1.0.5


  • Windows 64 bit
  • Net framework 4.7.2

GUIDE for Hello Screen Bypass iOS 16

  1. Order ECID
  2. Change SN to F18MWSF6FFDQ
  3. Open FRPFILE Ramdisk Tool to get Activate file in Hello Screen mode
  4. Boot PWND
  5. Open FRPFILE Ramdisk and activate the device

RAMDISK iOS 16 Passcode Bypass Change Log

  • Version 2.2
    • Release date: 09/06/2022
    • Add PWND windows bypass Passcode without ra1nUSB.
      Supported devices: 5SE, 6s to X to 13 – 14 Pro Max and some model iPads (will fully update iPad models soon)
    • Change Serial number directly on windows without DSCD (iPhone 7 to X – 14 pro max)
  • Version 2.2.1
    • Release date: 09/10/2022
    • Fix some bugs
  • Version 2.3.2
    • Release date: 09/19/2022
    • Fix some bugs
    • Add ramdisk 8, 8 plus iOS 16 (can mount if device in hello screen).

Ramdisk Bypass Tool Hello IOS 15.7/16 Bypass ICloud Hello Screen & Passcode & Broken Baseband iPhone iPad.

Frpfile RAMDISK iOS 16

iCloud Bypass iOS 16 Hello Screen Tool Windows By (Frpfile)


  • No need for a mac book OS
  • No need to checkra1n
  • No need for jailbreak.
  • windows support tool.


First, download all the file requirements below link, then install the usb driver, next make it bootable using a flash drive with BalenaEtcher Program, Next, Ra1nUsb IMG, there are two select intel or  AMD, Rainusb IMG,  check below for the download link.

RAMDISK Passcode Bypass


  • No need for a mac book os
  • no need for checkra1n
  • and no need for jailbreak.
  • windows support tool.

BYPASS GUIDE Frpfile Bypass iOS 16

  • USB Flash Drive
  • Set device to DFU mode
  • Enter Pwndfu Mode
  • Restart your computer on Windows after a Successful Pwndfu
  • For a chance to avoid mistakes, make sure you recheck the drivers.
  • Open Frpfile Ramdisk Tool
  • Wait for the Success Notification by clicking “Connect iDevice”.
  • Wait for the Success Notification by clicking “Boot Device”.
  • Notice: Boot device may take between 1-3 and a few minutes, depending on your internet connection speed. Recommended to use 15 MBPS minimum. Low Internet may cause Boot to fail.
  • Open Click Check SSH. Waiting for Success Notification.
iOS 16 Passcode Bypass
  • Please note: Open Device Manager and Verify drivers again if you are making an error. Use the local driver as well.
  • Backup
  • After a successful Backup, restore your device to the most recent iOS (no data restoration/quick flash)
  • For activation with Backup, repeat Steps 1-8
  • Click “Activate iDevice”.

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